Industrial Systems Engineering

Scientific-Disciplinary Sector ING-IND/17

My Research Activities

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My Research aims to contribute to the advancement, development and dissemination of scientific and technical knowledge in the planning, design, construction, operation, maintenance, conversion and disposal of industrial plants, production systems, logistics and services. In particuarl my research activities is focused on the following areas.


Development of integrated models for the analysis of the environmental impacts of processes and products based on the principles of circular economy. Use of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Life Cycle Costing (LCC), Social LCA (S-LCA) methodologies.

Decision Lab

Development of multi-criteria decisional models for the analysis of complex systems. Use of the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), Analytic Network Process (ANP)and BOCR (Benefit, Opportunity, Cost, and Risk)

Safety Lab

Risk and safety analysis of industrial plants and human factor abalysis in production systems. Use of  Human Reliability Analysis (HRA) and  Cognitive Reliability and Error Analysis Method (CREAM).