Briefly About Her

Antonella Petrillo is a Mechanical Engineer. She began her engineering studies at the University of Cassino, Italy. After successfully completing this phase, she achieved her doctorship in Mechanical Engineering on Multi-Criteria Decision Making at the University of Cassino. Currently she is Professor in DII, Department of Engineering of University of Napoli “Parthenope” where she  is supervisor per several thesis BSc in Management Engineering e MSc in Management Engineering. Furthermore, she serves as member the Scientific Committee the doctoral program in Energy Science and Engineering (ESE).

Research and Expertise Areas

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She has long experience in Industrial Applications including Industry 4.0, Disaster Management, Decision Support Systems, Sustainability, Quality, Safety & Security and Human Factors. She has worked in cooperation with many Companies (e.g. MBDA, SKF Industry, ABB Sace, FCA, Schneider Electric, ALSTOM, etc.) as well as Scientific Responsible and Senior Scientists in Projects (e.g. Governance Models, Reconfiguration and Monitoring in Port & Logistics, Crisis & Disaster Management in Industrial Facilities). She developed R&D activities in cooperation with International Organizations (e.g. Institute for Sustainable Leadership at University of Cambridge, School of Business and College of Business Administration at University of Pittsburgh, University of Carlow, Polytechnic Valencia, Sao Paulo State University, Politecnico of Milano, University of Genoa, University of Cassino, University of Rome “Sapienza”, University of Napoli “Federico II”, etc).